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When sales and reputations are at stake, communications have to be right on target. Just about anyone can get words down on paper, but it takes a pro to establish credibility, instill trust, persuade, spur to action.

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Key Personnel

Bob Holtzman, Principal Communicator: 207-542-1393

Primary Functions: writing, strategy, sales, editing, creative, management
Best Part of My Job: using creativity to advance effective communications
Most Important Part of My Job: helping organizations achieve strategic objectives through marketing
Jobs I’ve Held: marketing director, PR account executive, author, market researcher, English teacher, boatbuilder’s assistant, audiometrist, construction laborer, book editor, bicycle mechanic, newspaper editor, grocery bagger, soda jerk
Education: Vassar College (BA, English), University of Rhode Island (Master of Marine Affairs)
Things I Like: canoes, hiking, my wife, my son, 19th century British literature, blogging, Facebook, abstract art, my smartphone, preindustrial material culture, hardware, crusty bread
Things I Hate: sloppy writing, clichés, receivables > 60 days, shoppers who block the whole aisle, high fructose corn syrup, removing shoes at airport security
Best Thing I Ever Did: invited future wife to move in with me the day after we met
Worst Thing I Ever Did: Sorry, not here.

Al Arthur, Webmaster

Al Arthur has been has providing top quality web service in Waldo County for over seven years. Serving clients from Belfast to Bangkok, Al knows how to make web sites right! He specializes in great looking web sites that are fast loading and easy to navigate. Al understands that his job is to make you look great! For more info about Al, visit his website: www.alarthur.me